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Real Estate Attorneys:


If you need assistance in any real estate matters, including residential and commercial transactions, re-financing, title problems, or any other real issues, I work closely with a number of talented and experienced real estate attorneys who can help you.

Realtor Referrals:

If you are buying or selling real estate, I can match you with a real estate agent who best suit your particular needs in the community where you are looking to buy or sell, at no charge to you, based on your specific needs and the realtor’s knowledge, experience and location. This is a FREE service - and is available in ALL states!

Attorneys in other fields of law: 

I am involved in several local lawyers groups and can refer you to attorneys in other areas of law that you might find you need (i.e. contract law, labor law, landlord-tenant, business). I have worked with these attorneys on other matters and they are all highly experienced and specialized for specific legal issues that you might have a need for.

Financial Advisors:

If you are in need of financial planning or advice, I can refer you to a top-notch financial advisor who would fit your needs, depending on whether you need a general financial plan, or want to have your investments managed. Like estate planning, it’s important to have a “good fit” with a financial advisor.

CPA’s and Tax Professionals:

I can refer you to excellent CPA’s and tax professionals for basic income tax preparation, estate tax preparation or more complex tax needs or tax planning.

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